​Gregory Gregory 

Wood Work

Our tables are inspired by Shaker style, known for minimalist design, attention to detail, and quality of construction. Shaker furniture makers focused on overall form and proportion. Their pieces were made without decoration to stay what they considered honest in construction and appearance. When making our furniture, like the Shakers, we think about the usability, functionality, and durability of pieces for generations of use. We use only American hardwoods and finish our pieces with natural oil and beeswax. We are concerned about chemicals and off-gassing and think you might be as well. All our nightstands are custom-built based on your needs for size, shelving, drawers,  and wood choice. 

It usually takes about 2-3 weeks to build each piece. Discounts are available for nightstands purchased in pairs.

18"x20" Nightstand without shelf or drawer 480.00

Nightstand with drawer 585.00

Nightstand with shelf 555.00

Nightstand with both drawer and shelf 665.00

Pair without shelf or drawer 850.00

Pair with drawers 1045.00

Pair with shelves 975.00

Pair with both drawers and shelves 1190.00