​Gregory Gregory 

Wood Work


Pricing depends on the linear foot of the cabinet(s). The cabinets are framed out with 2x4s, sheared with 1/2" plywood, with reclaimed wood attached to the plywood using a finish nailer and wood glue. The reclaimed wood is sourced within San Francisco, a variety of pine, fir, and redwood. All the reclaimed wood is run through a planer and dimensioned, revealing the old growth grain for a clean look. 

The cabinet can be built with casters if it is intended to be stationary, but can also be built with wheels if it will need to be easily movable. Inside the cabinet, there is simple shelving. Adjustments can be made to your specifications. 

The countertops are built using reclaimed lath. The inlaid design can be customized (the chevron pattern is the most requested). Accent colors can be added within the countertop. We aim to provide a beautiful, unique piece of furniture that can serve as a focal point in your place of business.

Finishes can also be customized based on your needs and preferences. The tabletops can be finished with beeswax, providing some protectionand leaving a soft finish or can be polyurethaned for more protection in a restaurant, for example.